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We specialise in grant writing for government and business grants, as well as proposals and tenders.

Our grant writers will give your application a competitive edge to secure funding. Specialising in grant writing for both private and not-for-profit organisations, we tailor each submission to highlight your project’s unique benefits.

Working across all industries, have a wealth of experience writing the following:

We also cater to a range of other grants and tenders at council, state, and federal levels.

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What Services Do Our Grant Writers Provide?

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Grant Opportunity Identification

We identify a range of grants, from small ones like the $200 Small Business Smart Business grant to larger, industry-specific ones like the Research and Development Project Grants, to help businesses find the right opportunities to enhance their competitiveness.

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Grant Proposal Development

Our experts do more than write proposals; they research funding sources, handle submissions, and manage follow-up communications. They bring strong skills in writing, research, and analysis, and understand the intricacies of various grant types and application processes.

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Grant Submission Support

We extend our services beyond submission, helping with post-submission communications and additional information requirements. Our persistence in pursuing funding opportunities is motivated by our desire to secure the deserved funding for our clients.

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Review and Feedback on Draft Proposals

For clients with existing proposals, we offer expert feedback and guidance, tailored to the specifics of each funding scheme. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest funding trends to provide comprehensive evaluations and suggestions for improvements.

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Grant Management

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, we can provide assistance when it comes to managing your grant applications, including help with tracking, responding, and follow-ups, to save you time for other important matters.

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More Grant Writing Assistance

We suggest a shift in strategy for businesses overwhelmed by grant-seeking efforts. By consulting a grant writer, you reduce the burden of admin tasks like tracking proposal deadlines, freeing up time and improving grant process efficiency.

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Export Market Development Grant

Australia’s Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) program, assists Australian businesses, helping them expand the reach of their exports in international markets. These grants assist small to medium businesses encouraging them to promote and publicise their products and services on the global stage.

As of 1974, EMDG has provided support for over 51,000 small and medium-sized Australian businesses (SME). EMDG has helped these businesses market their products and services to over 180 countries.

Research and Development Tax Incentive

The Research and Development Tax Incentive is the Australian government’s key method of encouraging industry investment in R&D within the country. R&D fosters innovation, leading to economic stimulation and productivity developments.

The R&D Tax incentive offsets certain costs to encourage Australian companies to develop R&D projects. Specifically, the offset might mitigate the financial uncertainty connected to industry R&D investment choices.

Here are examples of typical scenarios where the tax incentive can help reduce financial risk:

  • A lack of clarity surrounding whether the possible long-term gains achieved from creating new or improved goods or services, will cover the expenses of a business’s R&D.
  • A company might not reap the full rewards of its R&D as the knowledge gained will spread to competitors and the wider economy.

Learn More: R&D Tax Incentive

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Digital Games Tax Offset

The Digital Games Tax Offset (DGTO) is a refundable tax offset that provides a 30% tax rebate for companies that develop video games. The objective of the Digital Games Tax Offset is to promote business advancement and to modify the way Australian business may apply for depreciation of intangible assets, such as in-house software and intellectual property.

The tax offset is available for eligible businesses that expend at least $500,000 on qualifying Australian development expenditure (QADE), when creating eligible games.

The DGTO is a part of the Government’s Digital Economy Strategy. The initiative intends to bolster the digital games industry, create more jobs for individuals with digital aptitude, increase the industry’s worldwide presence, and promote Australia as a place for investment.

Early-Stage Investment Incentives

Early-Stage Investment Incentives (ESICs) are an Australian government tax incentive used to promote investment in early-stage innovative companies (‘ESICs’) that demonstrate the capacity for high-growth.

ESICs are businesses that fulfil specific eligibility requirements, including genuine innovation, businesses that are not listed on the stock market, and those that have less than $1 million (in aggregated turnover). There are several benefits that investors who support ESICs can access, including income tax offsets.

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Origin Business Consultants delivers a specialised business advisory service focusing on accounting and taxation, grant writing, research and development, and business support. Led by Jeremy Wolf and supported by a group of talented professionals, we strive to deliver high-quality service with excellent results for any business.

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Successful grant applications hinge on clear alignment between your project’s outcomes and the funding program’s objectives. Consider the project’s timeline, necessary co-contributions, and overall impact. Engage stakeholders effectively and demonstrate your credibility. Above all, communicate in plain English, prioritising brevity and clarity. Remember, a compelling narrative makes your proposal memorable.

Funding agencies seek proposals that mirror their goals and demonstrate tangible impacts. The credibility of the applicant, potential risks, stakeholder engagement, and appropriate funding requests, including co-contributions, are pivotal.

In the event of rejection, seek feedback from the Project Officer. Use this as a constructive opportunity to enhance your funding submissions. Remember, the nature of government grants is highly competitive, and many proposals don’t make the cut. Learn and adapt for future success.

Understanding the reasons behind rejections is crucial for refining future grant applications. Common pitfalls include:

  • Missed Deadlines: Not submitting the application within the specified timeframe.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Failure to meet the specific requirements set out in the grant guidelines.
  • Incomplete Applications: Leaving sections of the application blank or not providing all required information.
  • Selection Criteria: Inadequate or unclear responses to the selection criteria.
  • Matching Cash Contribution: Lack of a necessary co-contribution of funds.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Insufficient evidence of engagement with relevant stakeholders.
  • Credibility: Questions regarding the applicant’s reliability or track record.
  • Project Risks: Perceived risks associated with the proposed project not being satisfactorily addressed.

Each of these factors is crucial in the evaluation process, and addressing them meticulously can significantly increase the chances of your application being successful.

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