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About Our R&D Tax Incentive Experts in Perth

If you’re seeking the expertise of an R&D tax incentive expert in Perth, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in maximising R&D tax claims, boasting qualifications across financial and technical disciplines.

Whether you’re exploring eligibility or seeking to optimise an existing claim, our consultants are here to guide you every step of the way.

Enquire with our R&D tax consultants now to discover how we can support your innovation and enhance your returns.

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How Much is the R&D Tax Incentive?

Australia’s R&D tax incentive can help businesses tap into significant tax savings depending on their research and development expenditure.

  • Entities with under $20 million in aggregated turnover: These smaller, innovative companies benefit from a refundable tax offset, where the calculation is straightforward: it’s their corporate tax rate plus an extra 18.5%. This typically sums up to a 43.5% total offset, which can increase to 48.5% under certain conditions.
  • Entities with over $20 million in aggregated turnover: Larger companies are entitled to a non-refundable tax offset. This is determined by their R&D spending relative to their total expenditure, offering a scaled incentive to boost R&D intensity:
    • An 8.5% bonus on R&D expenses up to 2% of total expenditure.
    • A 16.5% bonus on any R&D spending beyond that 2%.
  • Entities with R&D expenditures exceeding $150 million: The offset aligns back to just the corporate tax rate, without additional bonuses.

Curious about how much your business could save? Enquire now to explore your potential R&D tax incentives with our expert team.

R&D Tax Incentive Deadlines 2023-2024

For businesses engaging in innovative activities, understanding the Research and Development tax incentive deadlines is crucial for ensuring timely benefit from this support.

The deadline for lodging your application depends on your company’s financial year end. Below are the key deadlines you need to be aware of:

  • Standard Financial Year End (30 June): Applications must be lodged by 30 April of the following year. This is applicable for businesses whose accounting period aligns with the standard fiscal year.
  • Non-Standard Financial Year End: If your company operates on a non-standard fiscal year, the deadline to lodge your R&D tax incentive application is 10 months after the close of your fiscal year.
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Industries We Work With

We are experienced in identifying and optimising R&D tax incentive claims for a variety of industries, including:

Mining &

IT & Software

Biotech &

& Food


Why Choose Origin Business Consultants

Why Work With Our R&D Tax Consultants?

At Origin Business Consultants, we’re dedicated to providing thorough support for your government R&D grant applications.

Our approach involves regular interactions to review your business’s ongoing activities and confirm eligibility, ensuring that each application and report we prepare is meticulously tailored to highlight your R&D qualifications and the potential financial benefits you can expect.

Our diverse, multi-disciplinary team crafts each application to meet your unique business needs.

Plus, our status as a Supply Nation certified entity reflects our strong commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses and communities.

Meet the Team

Meet Your R&D Tax Consultants

Origin Business Consultants delivers a specialised business advisory service focusing on accounting and taxation, grant writing, research and development, and business support. Led by Jeremy Wolf and supported by a group of talented professionals, we strive to deliver high-quality service with excellent results for any business.


Our team is here to simplify your R&D tax claim process from start to finish. We ensure your claims are compliant, guide you on the necessary documentation, and help prepare everything you need to maximise your return.

By maximising your eligible claims and providing strategic tax planning, we enhance your financial benefits, helping you reinvest in your core business activities.

The R&D tax incentive can be incredibly valuable for businesses across a wide range of sectors that engage in innovation. This includes technology, pharmaceuticals, engineering, manufacturing, software development, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and agricultural technology. If your business is focused on developing new or improved products, processes, or services through technical research, we can help optimise your R&D tax claims.

We reduce your risk of ATO audits by ensuring your documentation is audit-proof and your claims meet all regulatory requirements, allowing you to run your business with peace of mind.

Engaging with our R&D Tax Consultants is a structured and supportive experience. Initially, we conduct a detailed assessment of your projects to identify qualifying R&D activities. We then guide you through collecting and organising the necessary documentation and ensure that your claims are prepared accurately. Finally, we handle the submission process and offer ongoing support through regular updates on legislative changes and compliance requirements. This full-service approach ensures that your R&D tax claims are optimised, compliant, and timely submitted, helping you focus more on innovation and less on paperwork.

When working with our R&D tax consultants, you can expect them to produce two primary documents:

  • R&D Activity Registration: Essential for your application, this document is submitted to AusIndustry. It outlines your specific research and development activities, detailing the innovative and experimental efforts undertaken.
  • R&D Tax Incentive Schedule: This detailed report is crucial for your financial records and is provided to your accountant. It compiles all necessary information related to your R&D efforts, supporting your claim for R&D tax incentives.

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