Using a grant writer can offer several significant benefits for organisations seeking funding through grants

The Benefits of Using a Grant Writer

Securing a grant can be the catalyst for your company’s growth. However, crafting a grant application requires significant time, resources, and expertise. Given this, engaging a professional to assist with grant writing, guide you through the process, and enhance your chances of securing funding is advisable.


What Do Grant Writers Do?

Grant writers manage the grant writing process, including identifying funding opportunities, preparing your grant application, and following up on the status of your submission. Employing these professionals can save your business time and energy, positioning you favourably for a grant award.

Professional grant writers ensure your application is persuasive and well-crafted, clearly justifying why your project or initiative deserves funding. They detail the outcomes and deliverables of your program, convincing assessors of the value of their investment.


Benefits of Using a Grant Writer

A professional grant writer will ensure your grant application:

  • Complies with the application criteria.
  • Adheres to the specified word count.
  • Meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Accurately addresses all questions.
  • Positively showcases your project, initiative, or programme.
  • Clearly specify the benefits the grant funding will provide.


Why Hire a Professional Grant Writer?

Writing a compelling grant proposal requires expert knowledge, experience, and skill. While many organisations attempt to manage the grant writing process internally, investing in a specialised grant writer results in more grants secured and less pressure on existing staff.

Hiring a grant writing company saves your business valuable resources and money.


Additional Benefits of Using a Grant Writer

  • Access to valuable insight, experience, and a track record of securing grants.
  • Relief for your team from the time-consuming tasks involved in creating a grant proposal.
  • Avoidance of last-minute panic and the stress of compiling a grant proposal.
  • Submission of comprehensive and professional grant proposals that impress the grant panel.
  • Development of professionally worded and designed templates that can be used by your organization to apply for future grants at lower expense.

The investment in hiring a grant writer can yield substantial returns in terms of securing funding, advancing organizational goals, and maximizing the impact of programs and projects.


Types of Grants Available

There are numerous grant types and formats, necessitating professional assistance for many businesses. Examples of grant opportunities include:

  1. Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&D Tax Incentive): Encourages businesses to engage in research and development, offsetting costs with tax incentives.
  2. Early-Stage Investment Incentives: Part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA), this aims to support businesses in early development stages, offering tax incentives for investors in early-stage innovation companies (ESICs).
  3. Digital Games Tax Offset: Offers a 30% tax rebate for video game development, encouraging growth and innovation in the digital games industry.
  4. Export Market Development Grant: Assists Australian businesses in expanding their export markets, supporting small to medium companies to market their products and services globally.


Working With a Grant Writer

A grant writer can assist in identifying funding opportunities and expedite the funding process, increasing the likelihood of success. With professional assistance, businesses can achieve a higher success rate in grant applications, significantly higher than the average.


Skills to Consider When Hiring a Grant Writer

  • Experience: Select a writer with a track record in your sector.
  • Research Proficiency: Choose a writer skilled in finding new initiatives.
  • Effective Communication: Opt for a writer with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Value for Money: Look for a balance of quality and cost.
  • Narrative Skills: A writer who can compellingly tell your story.



The process of researching and applying for grants is time-consuming. Hiring an expert can unveil opportunities previously unknown and significantly increase your chances of securing funding for your business.

Jeremy Wolf
After spending 6 years working for a number of professional service firms, digital agencies, startups and established businesses Jeremy truly knows what drives sales conversions, business efficiencies, staff well-being and happiness and the bottom line. Learn more about Jeremy