AI has had a significant impact on the field of accounting, transforming various aspects of financial management and reporting.

AI and Accounting: An Integration That’s Here to Stay

ChatGPT revolutionised the technological world almost overnight. Its potential to do great harm and great good was quickly recognised and Artificial Intelligence (AI) quickly became a topic of discussion and debate. Many industries, throughout the world, began to consider the implication of AI for their practice and the field of accounting was no exception.

If you want to choose who will inherit what among your possessions and valuables, you need do some estate planning.

Securing Your Legacy: The Benefits of Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures the future well-being of your loved ones. From protecting your family to preserving your business, estate planning allows you to control how your assets are distributed and used after death. The process plays a significant role in providing security for your family, minimising your tax obligations, and preserving your legacy.

Businessman working, using laptop and smartphone.

How the 2022-23 Federal Budget Affects Businesses

It’s been several months since the announcement of the 2022-23 Federal Budget. The government provides numerous programs that will benefit businesses, especially small businesses. The focus is on economic growth whilst increasing employment rates as Australia moves forward from the pandemic.

Business meeting.

Director Identification Numbers (DINs) are Here

Starting 1 November 2021, all directors are required to have a Director Identification Number (DIN). Directors of many Australian businesses have 12 months to apply for this unique identifier. The requirement to have DINs is a part of initiatives as the ASIC, the ABR, and the ATO to continue their ongoing merging process.